WeLoveTri Academy has made a huge impact on my running, as it's gone from an infrequent hobby into a large and meaningful part of my life. He's shown me that even a normal dude like me with proper training can attain fitness goals that I never even thought possible.

WeLoveTri Academy coached me through training for my first marathon. They are introduced me to the training process, running economy, and connected training to physiological goals. They are experienced and accomplished athlete themself so it was easy to trust and follow seasoned advice throughout our coaching sessions.

For my first marathon WeLoveTri Academy designed a custom training plan that prepared me for the marathon, my first ever running event. I would only have a month and a half of training before the race. Despite the very short training period, limited sleep, and jet lag on race day--I finished!

For my second marathon WeLoveTri Academy worked with me to develop another custom training plan, this time with many more weeks of training in order to beat my goal of finishing in four hours. After lots of training and even a minor injury, I ran the race and finished in 3:59! I have no doubt that the coaching sessions with WeLoveTri Academy were the primary factor in attaining my goal. I can highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their running to the next level!
It is my pleasure to write this recommendation letter. WeLoveTri Academy is great ! They persistence keeps me focused and committed to carry out all scheduled training sessions, despite having long working hours. WeLoveTri Academy helped me to finally tackle my triathlon preparation.

Working with WeLoveTri Academy is a good mixture of being challenged and pushed to the limits as well as having some flexibility to adapt the training plan to given (professional or personal) circumstances. It is really motivating!
WeLoveTri Academy helps in every part of the process to help you start running - motivation, routine, building up strength and stamina and nutrition. WeLoveTri Academy gives you the tools both mentally and physically to get out there and enjoy running on your own.

WeLoveTri Academy takes time to explain things and to find out how you are feeling, and is always there on whatsapp for encouragement. I really recommend WeLoveTri Academy if you want to start running - they are actually makes it enjoyable!