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Our Philosophy

When we hit the road in 2017, our main goal was to encourage people to take action towards their goals, especially to motivate them to start training for a Triathlon. Thus our slogan is ‘Triathlon for Everyone’. We aim to prove that everyone, including newbies, can achieve their athletic goals with an individualized training plan through dedication.

At WeLoveTri, we know that strength training, nutrition and recovery is as important as the endurance training. Therefore we have based our philosophy on those main principles.

We also value education and knowledge of the athletes, as they are the ones to execute our training plans. Who wants to be an athlete who trains 15 hours a week, feeling fatigue day in and day out, have low energy levels throughout the day, and sacrifice other commitments such as family, work, and still cannot perform to his/her potential?

Our main goal is not to prescribe the highest amount of training hours, but to build our training plans around the individual needs and the commitments of the athlete. We build performance habits and a growth mindset over the course of the athlete/coach relationship, which in turns yields the maximum athletic performance development over the given time. We are here to guide our athletes with the help of proper nutrition and feeling strategies to reach their potentials.

We are happy to train together with anyone from newbies to top age groupers, who wants to improve their athletic performance and improve their overall wellness.

Even if you are currently only a swimmer, cyclist or runner, WeLoveTri also offers training plans personalized as per your needs. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Our Services

Bespoke Training Plans

- Individualized training plans build around your commitments

- Coaching for single sports such as swimming, cycling and running

- Seasonal/Race planning, equipment consulting

- Training plans aimed for a specific race

Nutrition Consulting

- Endurance sports and race nutrition

- Workout fueling and nutrition periodization

- Nutrition consulting aimed towards sustainable eating habits

Seasonal Planning

- Personalised training plans for triathlon A races

- Individualized planning for swimming, cycling or running goal races

- Personalised seasonal planning

WeLoveTri provides online coaching services for athletes of all levels from sprint distance to full distance triathlon events. We also provide the same online coaching services for the athletes who are engaged in a single sport such as swimming, cycling or running. On top of those, we do provide nutritional consulting and personalised race planning.

WeLoveTri makes sure that our athletes has all the relevant and updated information of sports science and technology used in endurance coaching. Whether you are a newbie or a top age grouper who wants to qualify for the world championships, our main goal is to provide individualised training plans for our athletes and develop a long-term relationship full of success. Ad aspera per astra!

Triathlon Race Distances
Sprint Distance (750m + 20km + 5km)
Olympic Distance (1.500m + 40km + 10km)
Half Distane 70.3 (1.900m + 90km + 21km)
Full Distance 140.3 (3.800m + 180km + 42km)

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Who We Are

Our main goal is to analyse the individual needs and tailor a quality training plan accordingly to each of our athletes.

ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach
8x 70.3 Finisher
3rd Place AG – Challenge Turku 2018
Challenge 2019 70.3 WC Qualifier

M. Barış İLHAN

IRONMAN Certified Coach
11x 70.3 Finisher
2x Turkey Triathlon Champion
Ironman 2018 70.3 WC Qualifier


Endurance Athlete
4x 70.3 Finisher
2x Antalya SE OW AG 1


Service Prices

Triathlon Basic

60 €


  • TP Basic Account
  • Planning Weekly
  • Contact via E-Mail & Phone
  • Monthly Online Feedback
Triathlon Premium

75 €


  • TP Premium Account
  • Planning Weekly
  • Unlimited Contact via E-Mail & Phone
  • Weekly Online Feedback

Our Way Of Coaching


In-depth Performance Analysis

In depth analysis for the workouts performed. Planning future workouts accordingly. Progress over time analysis.


Dynamic Planning

Flexible training plans designed around the needs and the commitments of the athlete.


Interactive Working Methodology

Agile and interactive work principles provides us the ability to respond quickly to the needs and/or questions of our athletes.


Trainings Accessible from All Devices

Planned workouts can be accessed via computer as well as mobile devices and tablets.



It is my pleasure to write this recommendation letter. WeLoveTri Academy is great ! They persistence keeps me focused and committed to carry out all scheduled training sessions, despite having long working hours. WeLoveTri Academy helped me to finally tackle my triathlon preparation.

Working with WeLoveTri Academy is a good mixture of being challenged and pushed to the limits as well as having some flexibility to adapt the training plan to given (professional or personal) circumstances. It is really motivating!


Let 2019 to be the year of your dreams